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United National Transport Alliance

We're revolutionizing the public transportation industry in the Philippines, one modern jeepney at a time.

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Who are we? 

The United National Transport Alliance, or UNTA, is an alliance of passionate transportation operators just like you. Our mission is to propel the modernization of the public transport industry in the Philippines, focusing on jeepneys, the country's iconic ride. We are advocates for innovation and progress, championing the exclusive adoption of Panta's cutting-edge technology across the industry.

Revolutionizing Public Transport

Our Fleet Management System (FMS) and Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS), developed with Panta Transportation and its world class partners, brings a host of benefits to our operators and the public. Expect efficient fare collection, improved fleet management, and increased operational efficiency. Beyond these, the solution significantly reduces operating costs for transport operators, paving the way for a more sustainable public transportation ecosystem.

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Why join UNTA?

By joining UNTA, you become part of a unified alliance advocating for advancing the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP). As a member, you gain access to Panta's innovative technology solutions, aligning with the government's push towards modern jeepneys.


Operational Efficiency

Experience a revolution in public transportation operations with Panta's unified Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) and Fleet Management System (FMS). This comprehensive system is more than just a game changer — it's the future for modern jeepney operators in the Philippines!

Panta's AFCS digitizes and streamlines the traditional fare collection process, allowing passengers to pay their fares using digital wallets or prepaid cards. This eliminates the need for drivers to handle cash or give change, reducing potential errors and distractions. The result? Quicker boarding times, more daily trips, and increased revenue.

But the benefits don't stop there. The AFCS and FMS work together seamlessly, providing you with industry-standard fleet management tools and innovative features. From real-time operational reports that let you monitor performance and fuel usage to financial statements that simplify bookkeeping, this unified system is designed to enhance every aspect of your operations.

By joining UNTA and embracing our innovative technology solution, you will Increase your operational efficiency, ensure the safety of your drivers and passengers, and drive your business forward. With Panta's unified system, you're not just surviving in the transportation industry—you're thriving.


True Collaboration

Joining UNTA means becoming part of a powerful, unified alliance that amplifies the voice of modern jeepney operators. We bring together transport operators from all over the Philippines and provide a platform for government agencies and stakeholder groups to hear your concerns and needs. Our collective strength as an alliance enables us to influence policy decisions and shape the transportation industry's future.

But our collaboration doesn't end there. As part of UNTA, you'll directly influence the ongoing development of Panta's Fleet Management System (FMS) and Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS). Your insights and experiences on the ground guide the refinement and expansion of these systems' features. This ensures that the solutions provided by Panta are not just off-the-shelf but are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our sector.

So, don't just be a passenger in the journey towards modernising public transportation. Join UNTA and take the driver's seat in shaping a system that works for you. Together, let's navigate the road towards a more efficient and responsive public transport industry in the Philippines.


Numerous Financial Benefits

Another unique advantage of becoming a UNTA member lies in our profit-sharing model. UNTA, as an organization, receives a share of the profits generated by the AFCS, operated by Panta Transportation PH. This share is then proportionately distributed among our Core Partner Members, those who join before the end of August 2023. The distribution is calculated based on each member's proportional use of the AFCS—meaning, the more you use the system, the larger your share of the profits.

And that's not all. All UNTA members, whether they're Core Partner Members or not, benefit from a 15% rebate on all transaction fees processed by the AFCS. This effectively gives all UNTA members a 15% discount on Panta's transaction fees, leading to more savings and higher returns for your operations.

We believe this profit-sharing model is fair and a testament to our commitment to our members' growth and success. By joining UNTA, you're getting access to cutting-edge technology and becoming part of an alliance that values and rewards your participation. This is a fantastic opportunity that aligns with our core principles of collaboration, progress, and shared success.


We are transparent about our processes and aim to set realistic expectations. Our goal is to ensure that all our members understand and appreciate the numerous benefits that come with being part of UNTA

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