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PantaPay isn't just about fare collection - it's about driving digital transformation and inclusivity in the transportation sector. Explore the features that make PantaPay the future of fare collection. 

Cross Platform

Unleash the power of Panta wherever you go. Embrace the full native experience on Desktop, or keep an eye on your operation outside the office from your iOS and Android device. 


Seamless Integration

Panta is designed to integrate with existing transport operations and fare matrix rules. It doesn't matter if your fleet is large or small, old or new. Our Automated Fare Collection System and Fleet Management solution will cover your needs.

Real-Time Tracking

Panta provides real-time tracking of of your entire fleet and their performance. This transparency allows operators to monitor revenue, delays, passenger feedback and much more -  improving your overall performance and service experience. 


Open your operations to a whole new market by accepting all major payment methods. GCash, Maya, GrabPay, Visa, and Mastercard all work with Panta. Giving your passengers the ultimate choice in how they pay for their fares.

No Hardware Needed

Panta is built so operators can immediatly get started with AFCS. Simply download the app on your phone and you're ready to start collecting fares - no need for cheap Chinese hardware being sold to you at a premium with limited warranty and support. Utalize the most advanced technology straight from your own mobile device.


Stop drivers and conductors from pocketing your revenue when collecting cash. Panta provides every passenger a digital receipt to ensure even cash transactions are recorded. 

Same-Day Payments*

The Fleet Management System will calculate the revenue collected by your operation each day and automatically pay the owing amount straight to your bank account at the end of each day. 

Offline Mode

Panta is the only AFCS that offers an offline mode. We've been busy installing infrastructure across the country to ensure that even when you're out of reach of internet and GPS, the AFCS will still record and charge the correct fare to passengers. 

Coming 2024

Monitor fleets with dashcam integration

Integrate in-vehicle cameras to create a cohesive overview of our entire fleet. The goal is to automatically identify and record any risky driving behaviors. Moreover, we'll compile all the driving data to generate AI performance scores and comprehensive incident reports, complete with supporting images or videos.



Panta is more than a product, it's a community. We provide support, training, and resources to help operators navigate the digital transformation. Together, we're driving the future of public transportation in the Philippines. 

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