Panta CEO Wins World Bank Group Case Study Challenge - Smart Cities for a Resilient Future

This year’s World Bank Group (WBG) Youth Summit featured a new action-based learning component, called the Smart City Solutions Case Challenge. The Case Challenge was a collaborative component that integrated the Summit agenda, with a vision for fostering an environment of belonging and increased engagement between participants, the WBG, and external facilitators.

Panta Group CEO, David Kahale, was tasked with solving Mobility problems in developing nations. The Goal was to conceptualize a system that created in integrated public transit system in a way that supported equal access, addressed gridlock, and took into consideration the trend of micro-mobility services. Over the course of the Summit, participants gained real time experience in a team-based, simulated scenario identifying key challenges and opportunities in the development of a smart city. Through facilitated working sessions led by leading development practitioners, the participants worked with their peers to develop and present solutions. The Case Challenge provided a unique opportunity for participants to demonstrate their knowledge, problem-solving skills, and creativity while co-creating and networking with peers and experts in the field. Participating groups formed high-performing case teams. Teams were tasked with devising a proposed solution to the given case prompt within an allotted time, and presented their solutions to a panel comprised of WBG senior leads and partners.


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