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How PantaPay Works

Streamlining Fare Collection with a Tap

Step-by-Step Guide

​Step 1 - Register Your Business

Start by registering your business with us online. Provide the details of your drivers and conductors. After registration, a link is sent to each of your staff, directing them to download the PantaPay app. 

Step 2 - Member Registration

Each member registers their details through the PantaPay app. Our app is user-friendly and designed to work smoothly on all smartphones. 

Step 3 -Create Routes & Register Vehicles

Members then use our router creation tool within the app to establish each route for your business. Additionally, each vehicle in your fleet will be registered within the system.

Step 4 - Assign Shifts

Before starting a shift, drivers assign themselves to a vehicle and route. Now they're ready to start collecting fares. 


Step 5 - Collect Fares

Passengers tap in and out at their stops. PantPay Calculates and charges the exact fare from each passenger based on the appropriate fare matrix and route details.


Step 6 - End Shift

At the end of the shift, the driver confirms that all passengers have disembarked and ends the shift in the system. 


Step 7 - Revenue Processing

Revenue for each operator is collectively processed and paid to their bank account at the end of each day. The option to pay members directly is also available.  

A New Era of Fare Collection

With PantaPay, we're bringing a new level of efficency and convenience to the public transportation sector. Embrace the future of fare collection today. 

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