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Technology to Improve Lives

Providing Access to Essential Services through Mobile Based Development, Data Science and AI Technology

Transforming urban cities into 'smart cities'

Panta’s purpose has always been to simplify the process of everyday life by developing a suite of intelligent applications centrally connected to the Panta Platform. By doing so, we bring world-class technology to developing nations at a highly competitive cost.

The Panta Transportation Network is our full-scaled, AFCS, intermodal, cashless solution to transportation fare collection. It utilises the most up to date MaaS solutions, coding languages, encryption technology, machine learning processes, artificial intelligence and contactless payment solutions to improve transport efficiency at every level.

We take on the responsibility of developing all the software necessary to make this incredible operation a success.

Automated Fare Collection

Road Transport Management systems

Transit Payment Solutions


Smart Tolls

COVID-19: Good Hygiene Starts Here

We can all help to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. This video details good hygiene practices that everyone can adopt. 

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