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Tolls and Smart Motorways

Efficient road management is an important building block for the future of mobility. Both operators and road users, benefit from reduced congestion, improved air quality, and a new quality of urban life. Our Custom technologies are integrated with the Panta Mobility platform enabling free-flow open roads and city tolling solutions.


Our Next-Gen Mobility Platform

The future of mobility won’t likely emerge without operators and passengers being able to deal with payments smoothly and efficiently, and that offers payment providers an important role in setting up the underlying digital infrastructure.

Panta Pass

Pay your toll with PantaPass – It's safe, convenient and can get you where you want to be sooner. Integrated with the Panta Platform, anyone with a Panta account can pay for tolls without cash. With a Panta account or PantaPass you'll be good to go on any toll road. 


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