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Automated Fare Collection Systems (AFCS)

Our Automated Fare Collection readers and cards are designed to be the most accessible and affordable high-tech transport revenue systems in the world. With years of innovation behind us, we've transformed the way PUV operators collect payments. 

The future of mobility won’t likely emerge without operators and passengers being able to deal with payments smoothly and efficiently, and that offers payment providers an important role in setting up the underlying digital infrastructure.

It's not just an AFCS, it's MaaS.

Panta Card

The Panta Card is a fast new way to pay for travel on public transport. It's your own reloadable smartcard linked directly to your Panta account and used across a vast range of situations.​There's no need to wait in line anymore - with your Panta Card, you simply tap to travel and our systems will automatically calculate the correct fare and deduct it from your account.

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