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Streamlining Payments in Public Transportation

We're simplifying fare collection for hard-working drivers and operators in the Philippines.

Join us in revolutionizing the road sector.

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Our Mission

Addressing the real concerns of drivers

At Panta, we understand the unique challenges drivers and operators face in the Philippines road sector. Our mission is to make fare collection simple, seamless, and efficient, freeing you to focus on what matters most - your passengers and your business. 

Our Vision

A connected, inclusive, and prosperous transport sector

Our vision at panta is to transform the public transportation landscape in the Philippines, fostering a future where digital fare collection becomes a catalyst for growth and inclusivity. We aim to make every vehicle a beacon of digital innovation, promoting an environment where operators and drivers can thrive. We are committed to driving a more connected, inclusive, and prosperous transport sector by bridging the digital divide. 

How it works

Simplify Fare Collection in the Philippines with PantaPay

Audio: How it Works

Register your business, Download the Panta AFCS app, and you're ready to go.

Monitor your entire fleet performance and earnings in real-time with comprehensive fleet management.

Collect fares easily with a tap or scan a QR. The AFCS will seamlessly charge the correct fare to passengers.

Receive revenue generated by the AFCS the same day.*

*Same-day remittance of AFCS generated revenue is currently only available to operators that bank with BPI.

For operators choosing to bank with other financial institutions, remittance time will vary from bank to bank.

Panta In Numbers

Panta has already become the Philippines' favorite Fleet management and automated Fare Colection solution. 









*Last Updated 21 July 2023

Features and Benefits


Audio: Interoperable Payments

Our AFCS is designed to work with all major payment methods. Giving passengers more choice and opening up operators to a whole new market.



Audio: No Hardware Needed

Don't waste your valuable time searching for AFCS hardware and providers. Panta's AFCS runs 100% on mobile and costs you nothing to set up! Specifically designed for the needs of the Philippines' road transport, you'll immediately have access to everything to meet AFCS compliance across every vehicle in your fleet.


All our registered operators get Panta's comprehensive Fleet Management System included as part of our AFCS at no cost.

Features include:

  • Live vehicle tracking

  • Real-time revenue data

  • Staff scheduling

  • Financial reporting

  • Operation management


News and Events

Keeping You Updated

Our Partners


Bank of the Philippine Islands


Good Health Pass Collaborative


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United National Transport Alliance

  • How do I register my business with Panta?
    You can register as a Transport Operator with Panta through our online portal Here. You'll need to provide details about your business and your team. After registration, a link will be sent to your team members to download the Panta app.
  • How do drivers and staff get started with Panta?
    After you register your business, your team members will receive a link to download the Panta app via SMS. They can then register their details and start using the app. Make sure your team members download the app with the link sent to them to ensure their account is linked to your business.
  • How are routes and vehicles registered?
    Using our intuitive route creation tool in the Panta app, youcan easily create and register routes. Vehicles in the fleet can also be registered in the app. The process is straight forward and easy. If you still require assistance, contact your local Panta Transportation representitive and theyll arange a time to come out to your location and help you through the process for free.
  • How is the fare collected?
    Panta calculates the exact fare based on the appropriate fare matrix and route details provided by LTFRB. Passengers Tap-in when entering the vehicle and Tap-out when exiting. Panta will automatically calculate and charge the fare to the passengers account. Since there is no hardware needed, the driver or conductor will scan in the passenger using the app.
  • How and when are revenues paid out?
    Revenues for each operator are collectively processed and paid out to the designated bank account of the Cooperative at the end of each day. If you have a bank account with BPI, you will receive your earnings by on the same day.
  • Is the Fleet Management System seperate from the AFCS?
    No. The Fleet Management System (FMS) and AFCS are created as a single system that work together to be the most powerful all-in-one system on the market.
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